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Doing your laundry is not the most sweet thing but it does not have to be that way. You can outsource all your laundry to Esstana Hotels for a very unnoticeable fee and you get all the time in the world to do things that you enjoy most with less[…]


That moment when you feel that you and your team of about 11 others need an undisturbed moment of discussion with full service meals or drinks or just space for your meeting, then Esstana Hotels caters for you too in that aspect and you are most welcome to make your[…]


When you come to Esstana Hotels with your vehicle, the least concern of all is the security of your vehicle simply because there is free, ample and secure parking spaces at the hotel both day time and at night.


Esstana Hotels Bar is a well stocked getaway with all brands and innovative cocktails served at your request. It is the perfect choice for an undisturbed moment of your favorite drink at your own leisure at any time that you desire to have it.


If you want to take a meal suited to your taste or if you just want to try something new, then our Restaurant is worth a try. Call in now for enquiries and you will be glad you did. Need to escape away from the noise and have an undisturbed[…]

Conference Facilities

We understand that every meeting, seminar and conferences is going to be different, and that’s why at Esstana Hotels we seek to give you the best possible environment for any such an occasion. When you organize for an occasion at Esstana Hotels, you get much more than just space, you[…]